Green for a reason…

Soyworx is an environmentally responsible candle company that produces handmade soy based candles and products. We strive to use only eco-friendly ingredients in the all natural candles we make. None of our soy products contain any additives or harsh chemicals – in fact, our soy candle wax is gentle enough to be used as lotion on your skin! Soyworx wants to help make the world a brighter, happier, healthier place to live. We are proud to be doing our part in ridding the earth of unnecessary waste, one candle at a time!

Why We Do It

Here are just a few reasons Soyworx all natural candles are a smart choice for you and the earth:

▪ Made from 100% American grown soybeans
▪ Hand poured in North Carolina
▪ Eco-friendly packaging
▪ Asthma/Allergy-Free
▪ Pet-friendly
▪ Lead-Free
▪ 0% dependence on foreign oil (petroleum)
▪ Less Soot than regular wax or wax blends
▪ Lower melting point so the wax is less dangerous if spilled
▪ Liquid wax can be used as a hand lotion (Note: Please don’t use cinnamon fragrances as a hand lotion)
▪ No harmful dyes – All Soyworx candles are naturally colored – our soy wax is off-white in color (100% all natural candles made of Soy Wax – Not a soy blend)


Further reasons for switching to soy based candles:

  • BIODEGRADABLE – Capable of naturally decaying in the Earth in a safe way and is water soluble as well.
  • NO BLACK JARS – Since soy based candles are made from soybeans, this allows the all natural candles to produce less soot and ash than ordinary wax candles to not appear on the walls, ceilings and candle jars.
  • BURNS CLEANER & LONGER – Soy based candles are non-toxic and burn up to 25 hours depending on per ounce of wax contained.
  • HELPING LOCAL AMERICAN FARMERS – Our American Farmers cultivate and farm our soy based candles from soy beans for a better U.S. economy and a greener world!